Hi, I am glad that you stopped by. I have FINALLY decided to do a blog. It is not my intention to post here every day, but who knows, Lord willing, maybe I will.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Christian Birder. Meaning that I am a Birder in every sense of the word. I will drive three hours just to see a life bird, or walk around in the freezing cold just to catch a glimps of a Golden Eagle. I own both Sibley's and Kaufman's Field guides to my neck of the woods ( BTW, I like Ken's pictures over Sibley's drawings...but that is just me. ;-) )

What makes me different than most but not all is that I look for God and His hand in everything. Why? Because it was his love that saved me from the depths of despair that I was in as a young...er man 20 years ago. So from the moment that HE saved me, it has been my honor and duty to give God the glory in everything.

One of my favorite passages is Matthew 10.29-31 which says:

"29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?
Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.
30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
31 So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows."

That is the comfort that I have. When I am in the midst of tough times, I have a God and a savior that knows my needs, and supplies them on a daily basis.

The other thing about me is that I am is an amateur photographer. God has given me a Nikon D300 and a Tamron 200-500mm lens to explore the world around me. But I also have a wide variety of wide angle and macro lenses that I'll pull out from time to time. I will add new pictures of His creation whenever possible. Mostly birds, but maybe an occasional other nature/scenic shot. If it looks a little distorted then click on the picture and it will open up to full size.

So again, welcome!

Now on to the Blog!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Warbler Action

I love These little guys. Warblers are cool. Some are high flying catch your food in the air type like this little this Palm Warbler.:

Others like this Ovenbird feed on the forest floor. You should have been there to see it eat the spider...way cool!:

Some like this Prothonotary just make great art. This male was defending his territory from other males while waiting for a mate. The picture was a reject because it was soft. But with a little Photoshop action, it turned into a great watercolor.:

Warblers live and breed all over North America. Almost all like this Yellow Warbler, pull up stakes in the Fall and make a 4000 mile journey down to South America to live for the winter.:

It's instinct...part of their genes if you will, eat, sleep, make babies, take a vacation, then come back and do it all again next spring. They are driven to do it year after year after year.

Like birds, we are driven. We have a desire to do our own thing, go where we want to go and do what we want to do. It was like that in The Garden of Eden and it is like that today. We are driven by the lust of the flesh to Sin and disobey God and do our own thing. As Romans 8.5 puts it..

"Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires..." (NIV)

Sinful nature means flesh. Your flesh is was drives you. It is your will. Without an act from an outside source, you will continue to want to disobey God. Praise God, He is that outside source. He through the blood of Jesus, calls you and he picks you up and changes you. So that your will, will be the need to praise and please God.

Sinner, Pray to God and ask him for forgiveness and ask Jesus to come into your life and change you and save you from your Sin.

Christian, maybe you are struggling with overcoming a certain sin. Remember that it is God that changes you. Ask him to change you and make you more like what he wants you to be..

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